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HP 7202A Plotter

I acquired this Hewlett Packard 7202A Plotter in 2007. It is the same as the HP7200A Plotter we had at Wofford College, except that the 7202A can communicate at 100, 150, or 300 baud. The command set is the same as the 7200A. I plan to connect this plotter to the Wofford Witch as KB7:, and use the same plotter programs (HPPLOT.BAS, CHGEN.BAS, etc) that we used at Wofford in the 1970s.

More Pictures:

Below is a photo of the interface connector. I am looking for a cable.

Below is a photo of the broken pen holder. I am looking for one of these.

Click here for HP7200A Wiring Schematics
Picture of the inside of the HP7202A
Picture of front of interface assembly in HP7202A
Picture of back of interface assembly in HP7202A


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