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A variety of telnet clients are available for connecting to the Wofford WITCH. If you use Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, a telnet client normally is provided as part of the operating system. If you use the Windows 2000 telnet client, you will need to modify a few settings as follows in order to get it to work properly with the WITCH.

Windows 2000 Telnet Client Issues
  • 1) From a DOS/Command prompt type: TELNET and press enter.
  • 2) At the telnet prompt type: unset crlf
    This will change the TELNET client so it only sends a CR and not a CRLF
  • 3) At the telnet prompt type: set bsasdel
    This will set the backspace key to act as a delete key and erase the previous character
  • 4) At the telnet prompt type: set term vt52
    This sets the default terminal type to a VT52 DECscope
  • 5) Type Q to quit the telnet client

The above settings will "stick" until you change them again. You do not have to set them every time you want to use the telnet client.

If your browser does not launch the telnet client properly, you can launch it by starting a DOS prompt and typing:

telnet www.woffordwitch.com 232

If you are behind a corporate firewall, you may not be able to access the WITCH if port 232 is not open on your corporate firewall.

Other third-party telnet clients exist with a variety of features.

Below are links to some telnet clients.

PuTTY, a free telnet client that Kevin uses
PenguiNet by Silicon Circus, costs about $23

The WITCH has been brought back to life for you by Kevin, the original wizard.
This web site, WoffordWitch.com, has been provided by Ashley
DEC Documentation in PDF format courtesy of Al Kossow's Bitsavers
Send an email to Ashley