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TU56 Restoration Project

In February and March 2005, I acquired a TU56 DECtape unit and a TC11 DECtape controller from two different sources. It turns out that the TU56 unit actually belonged to the same person who had the TC11 up until about two years ago. Both units were missing a couple cards and were quite dusty, but otherwise appeared to be mostly intact. My goal is to restore the TU56/TC11 to working order and connect it to the PDP-11/40 system. This page will be updated as this project progresses.

You can click on any of the pictures below to see a larger version.

    TU56 Front Panel

    TU56 Front Left

    TU56 Front Right

    TU56 Motors

    TU56 PowerSupply

    TU56 Backplane

    TU56 Modules

    TC11 Top View

    TC11 View 2

    TC11 View 3


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