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Second TU56 Project

In 2006 I acquired a second TU56 DECtape unit that was in better condition than the first one I had. In March 2007 I acquired a second TC11 DECtape controller that was also in much much cleaner and better condition than my first one. In April 2007 I spent some time inspecting the TU56 and TC11. After running some standalone tests with the TU56 hooked up to an H720 power supply, I decided to rack the TC11 and the TU56 and hook it up to one of my working 11/40 systems. Here are some pictures with these components in the rack with the 11/40.

More details to come soon.....

You can click on any of the pictures below to see a larger version.

TC11, TU56, PC05, and 11/40 in rack

TC11, TU56, PC05, and 11/40 in rack - another view

TC11 and TU56 closer view


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