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Subject: 11/40 is here, 11/34 is back up and running Posted By: Ashley Time Posted: 10/20/2004 8:45:51 PM
The 11/40 arrived today. I met the North American Van Lines driver at the truck stop at Exit 51 on I-20. We transferred it from the tractor trailer to the back of my pickup. I carefully drove home and then unloaded it by myself, which was a trick. I need to install a different receptacle in the PDP room so I can plug it in.

I also got a second functional 11/34 and am going to install it in the 11/34 rack in the place of the one that died. I've already tested hooking it up to a terminal and disk drive, and it's working properly.

I'm still searching for the elusive HP7200A plotter.

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