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Subject: HP7210A Plotter located! Posted By: Ashley at CSC Time Posted: 1/28/2005 9:51:59 AM
A fellow classic computer enthusiast who specializes in old Hewlett Packard computers gave me a tip a week or so ago, pointing me to an HP 7210A plotter. This is very similar to the elusive HP 7200A plotter that we had at Wofford. It has the same shape, size, color, function, etc., but just has a couple different knobs on the front for manual control of the pen. The plotter arrived yesterday and I did some preliminary offline testing. It seems to work just fine. I put a piece of paper on the bed of the plotter and set the lower left and upper right points, tested the PEN-UP and PEN-DOWN functions and everything worked fine. The pen even has ink in it still! Now I need to find a cable or figure out how to hook it up to the RS232/EIA port for KB7:. I'm now searching for documentation on this plotter.

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