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Subject: The Wofford Witch is Ready!! Posted By: Ashley Time Posted: 12/5/2004 2:30:27 AM
Tonight I installed a 4 slot expansion backplane in the 11/40, then moved the 20mA DZ11 from the 11/34 to the 11/40, installed a 64K M7891 memory board to increase the installed memory from 64K to 128k, then cabled up the RK05 drive and the two DZ11s. Everything works fine and now the Witch is running on the original PDP-11. I logged onto it from 4 different terminals; the console (KB0:), which is a VT52, another VT52 (KB4:), the LA36 (KB9:), and the ASR-33 (KB12). The two VT52s and the LA36 are connected via EIA connections and the ASR33 is connected via a 20mA connection. The 11/40 is now closed up and moved back into place beside the other two racks. This has been quite a journey getting to this point!

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