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Subject: Disk drives added to 11/40 Posted By: Ashley at CSC Time Posted: 12/8/2004 11:53:25 AM
I've added an RL01 drive and another working RK05 drive to the Witch configuration. The 11/34 and the 11/35 BA11s have been removed from the racks. Now we just have the 11/40 in the middle rack, RK05 (DK0), RL01 (DL2), RL02 (DL1), RL02 (DL0) in the right hand rack, and RK05 (DK2), RK05 (DK1) in the left hand rack. DK2 is presently not functioning properly, but all other drives work fine.
I'm going to attempt to add a dual RX01 drive unit to the system in the near future. I need to install an M7846 RX01 controller to the system and run the cable from the controller to the drive.

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