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Subject: kudos to all your efforts to restore this marvelous history! Posted By: Gabe T Time Posted: 4/8/2009 3:21:22 PM
I recall working on DEC PDP, DECsytem 10/20 Vaxen and Alpha from young teen to adult...also worked 10 years at DEC and at one point was responsible for Materials Mgt of all Field RMA Returns and Peripherals. Sorry to say, I used to write of $Millions of good, still functional systems including micro-PDPs, 8s, 11s, vax and microvax, 10/20 systems as well as disks, tapes, terminals and printers. Would have preferred moving some of those still-good equipment to a project such as yours back in '85! Still have an Alpha UDB unopened in my attic from comp-geeks! ;^)

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