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Subject: Old brain cells are apparently still functioning Posted By: Rick Gilligan Time Posted: 3/17/2010 5:43:28 PM
Well, apparently my near 30 year unused RSTS/E brain cells are still functioning properly.

I remembered how to poke around, found Adventure and ran it.

Looked around a bit more.

Remember how much better sysgen was when it was done on RSTS instead of on a booted from tape RSX system.

I remember some of the sys admin stuff from the 76-80 time frame. I wrote our "scheduler", which was hooked into the once per second internal system code and every ten seconds my macro11 code would scan through all of the running processes and assign new (dynamic) priorities to everyone -8 to -120.

Ah, systems work in the 70s.

One of the staff wrote their own RTS, XRTRTS, which was only 1kW and allowed you to run an rt11-style program of up to 31kW, even though DEC said that 28kW was the limit.

What did _they_ know.

Thanks for the refreshed memories.


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